OK Kanmani

This is my first Tamil movie and I must say if they are all like this, I want to watch more! I was able to watch this one courtesy of Netflix downloads again and disclaimer: please do not watch in a public place, I did cry and traumatize the sweet teenage boy sitting next to me on a plane.

I have not watched the Hindi version, OK Janu quite yet but will be sure to add a comparison at the end when I do. I did however, see a lot of similarities in scenes and songs between the two. The movie starts off intrdoucing Adi (Dulquer Salmaan-my new crush) and Tara (Neethya Menon). Adi has just moved to Mumbai and lives with an older couple as a paying guest. He is a video game designer and has dreams of working in the US. He meets Tara at a friends wedding, Tara is a young fearless girl hailing from a very wealthy family. She works as an architect and dreams of studying architecture in Paris.

They meet, fall in lust and want to have a live in relationship and spend whatever time they have left in Bombay, together. It seems a little silly that they dont think they can just be in a long distance relationship as many many people are but I guess that would not make for any conflict in the movie.

I really enjoyed the movie, mostly how relateable Tara’s caharacter is, the adorable older couple who are #couplegoals and Dulquer as Adi who is just so perfect!

It’s on Netflix s0 settle in on a Friday night and enjoy!


Favorite Song: Mental Manadhil




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