From the moment I landed in Mumbai my mom has been asking me when Eid is. Not because we celebrate the occasion or anyone close to us does, it was a momentous day for her because Salman-starrer Sultan released that day. The smile on her face every time she heard the song ‘Baby ko Bass Pasand Hai’ (umm wut?) was enough to convince even me (new age Salman-hater) to go watch this movie on its release date.

I didn’t have much expectations going in and was actually presently surprised. The actual story is charming and relatable to everyone who has ever struggled with wanting to be better. Some parts are incredulous as in any Bollywood movie but for the most part the story is believable and endearing. While I was not as moved as my mom who definitely shed more than a tear, I will say I was moved by the sincerity of the characters. This year as I turned 25 I had this very unsettling feeling much like our protagonist, Sultan of wanting to be successful at something, anything. His love for the leading lady, Arfa (Anushka Sharma) leads him to wrestling and I will leave the rest for you to discover.

Anushka Sharma does a wonderful job as a firecracker, go getter, determined young female wrestler from Haryana and I sincerely believe the promos did not do justice to her bad-assery. Salman Khan, though not one of my favorite actors managed to really impress me with not just his physical strength but also his strong acting. He portrayed the Haryanvi wrestler well and I could imagine his story being real and not just fiction. The sequences where he trains inspired even me, world renowned couch potato to get up and get moving. To see him and his body in that condition in his 50’s made me put down my samosa and look up a fitness class right there in the movie theater.

The music was varied with some straight massy tunes like the aforementioned song with its poetic verses and inspired choreography. There is also a tittilating tune about the potency of electricity which should probably be included in the curriculum of all physics classes. Jokes aside I really did enjoy the title track which really pumps you up.

If you are looking for a masala entertainer and also a great story, I would actually recommend Sultan.


Favorite Song: Sultan


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