Kapoor and Sons

Let me start off by saying I am so excited to write this review and just couldn’t wait after I watched the movie. The promo had me intrigued but then I watched the trailer and I was disappointed. It seemed like a typical love triangle but not so typical because it involved two brothers (ew).

However, I was told the movie was worth a watch. The movie started off beautifully, reminding me of paa and piku with Rishi Kapoor doing a fabulous job as ‘Dadu’ I didn’t quite understand the need for his appearance but he had an Oscar winner do his make up (same guys who did Benjamin Button, Mrs. Doubtfire) and that is pretty cool. He is not your typical grandpa and provides much comic relief and #oldiegoals.

Ratna Pathak Shah as the well meaning but overbearing, typical Indian mother did a fabulous job. Even when I didn’t agree with the character, I sympathized with her. Rajat Kapur plays the role of the father and again his performance is excellent. It was great to see him do something more mainstream and his portrayal of Mr. Kapoor was very human to say the least.

We are introduced to Fawad Khan or Arjun, the older and ‘perfect son’ quite obviously the favorite who can do no wrong. He is a successful novelist from London with style and looks to kill. All he needs to do now is get married. Fawad plays the character beautifully and is so compelling in the latter half, he had me reaching for the Kleenex.

Younger brother ‘Arjun’ played by Siddharth Malhotra is kind of the black sheep of the family, flitting from interest to interest. He works in New Jersey as a bartender/struggling writer. (2 writers in one indian Family = every parent’s nightmare). While he is great in the romantic scenes with Alia, when it comes to the more heartfelt and serious encounters he seem a bit forced. His performance left something to be desired and I just sat there going Siddharth: give me some more emotion, please!

Then we have Alia Bhatt as the carefree Tia, who does a great job with her character and as a catalyst to the story. She looks beautiful and I want all of her clothes, and her house, and her confidence. 

The performances were great but the true star was the story and writing, the progression, dialogues, screenplay, all of it seemed effortless and flowed well. I laughed, cried, cried while laughing and laughed while crying. 

My only critique would be that at times it seemed the movie tried a little too hard to be ‘cool’ or ‘young’. Right before the song ‘chull’: my new obsession. We see Arjun rolling a joint and Alia smoking it, people taking shots all over the place and  which sure may represent parties these days but seemed a little too: look we did our research and know what millennials do all weekend.

The actual story of the movie reminded me of a more realistic Dil Dhadakne Do, a family movie that is relatable to millennials and touches upon some very important issues.

If you have some time definitely check it out 🙂

Favorite song: Chull


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