Finding Fanny

This 2014 sleeper is best  described as a‘band of misfits looking for the meaning of life and love’. How do I know this, if it wasn’t obvious already, it is announced at the end of the movie (-__-).

The movie boasts a brilliant star cast, Deepika Padukone (Angie), Naseeruddin Shah (Ferdie), Dimple Kapadia (Madame Rosalina), Arjun Kapoor (Savio) and Pankaj Kapur (Don Pedro) along with Ranveer Singh in a special appearance as Gabo. With a star cast like this I was expecting not only brilliant performances but also a stellar story and screenplay.

The movie is set in the dreary town of Pocolim, Goa. While the place is plain and ordinary it somehow has these most colorful characters in one small town. All their stories are interwoven in some way or another and the character reveals are interesting but also predictable.

The movie is entirely in English and within the first 3 minutes I could tell it was set in Goa with all the ‘bugger’, ‘ey man’ and ‘that only’ lingo. Special mention here to Dimple Kapadia and Naseeruddin Shah who I think were the stars of this movie and perfectly captured the sad reality of their respective characters.

Finding Fanny can best be described as Bollywood’s attempt at an Indie movie like Little Miss Sunshine. Its funny in a sad almost too realistic way in totally unrealistic settings. I would give this movie a pass and re-watch little miss sunshine.

The length of this review represents the length of the movie.



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