This movie has been touted as India’s first bona fide Rom-Com and I would agree to some extent. The movie is fun, set in beautiful Paris, both leads look amazing and the music is uplifting and fun! However, I would not go into the movie expecting to fall in love with an Aditya Chopra classic love stpry. This is a leave your brain at home, take your girlfriend and make-out in the back of the theater kind of movie.

The movie starts off with the nearly naked protagonists Dharam (Ranveer Singh) and Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) breaking up, what follows is a series of s flashbacks on how they met and fell in lust, how they became friends, got engaged to other people and what ensues after.

Ranveer does a good job as the chauvinistic, bollywood enthused Delhi boy as he always does but at times the acting was over the top and way too cheesy. Vaani is refreshing and really owns her own. I couldn’t stop drooling at her abs and her dancing was a welcome surprise (she is really good!).

There are several drawbacks of the film: the story is itself lacking, for some reason these two very good looking people with great bodies really don’t like wearing clothes. love making out and really like breaking laws. There are some sexist and homophobic comments which are really in poor taste. It was hard to believe this movie was written and made by the same person who made DDLJ and Hum Tum which are two of my all time favorites. The climax was bizarre to say the least and was written by either a child or someone on a massive number of drugs.

All in all this was a movie I would watch at home if I had nothing to do or if I wanted to go make-out at the movies.


FAVORITE SONG: Nashe Si Chadh Gayi


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